Bi-annual maintenance

Bi-annual maintenance


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Maintenance every 6 months

-Clean and treat rubber roof
-Clean RV and apply a polymer wax
-Thoroughly clear canvas and apply a water proofing treatment (hybrid and tent-trailers only)
-Remove floor registers and clean air ducts
-Change and test the fire detector’s batteries
-Check level and condition of the fire extinguisher
-Lubricate the running boards
-Lubricate door hinges as necessary (doors, baggage doors, etc.)
-Clean roof vents, lubricate the mechanisms and hinges
-Lubricate window mechanisms as needed
-Check the condition of the propane ducts located under the vehicle if accessible (for road damage)
-Check accessible ducts for possible propane leaks
-Check tightness of the hose of the propane tanks and regulator
-Check the propane regulator and clean the vent below
-Clean the stove burners and check the condition of the porcelain
-Check the alignment of the stove burners
-Check the flame of the water heater
-Clean the water heater pilot
-Clean the refrigerator condenser
-Clean the refrigerator coils
-Clean the refrigerator burner
-Clean the tip of the refrigerator’s thermocouple
-Check the refrigerator electrode gap
-Winterize the water system (Fall) (see Annex)
-Clean the black water tank
-Lubricate the black and gray water drain valve
-Check the condition of the anode rod (Suburban water heater only)
-Lubricate toilet seal
-Purify the tank and potable water system


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