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RV Spring preperation clinic - 2017 season

Here's an article that will help you get your RV ready for the beginning of the new season.

RV Care

RV Care Dealership in the Outaouais

Caravanes de la Petite Nation is an RV Care member in the Ottawa region. As a partner of the RV Care network, Caravanes de la Petite Nation is also an RV Traveler’s Choice authorized dealer.

What is RV Care?

RV Care is the largest Canada-wide RV dealerships network. Only an RV Care dealership can offer you the RV Traveler’s Choice brand, a first quality product at competitive prices, fitting the needs of an RV owner.

Why choose an RV Care dealer?

For the customer, the collective buying power of all RV Care dealers translates into the best prices on the market. The network has more than 60 dealers from coast to coast and is also affiliated with the Priority RV network in the United States. An RV Care member will offer you a high quality service and has to meet quality standards, such as operating a full-service maintenance and repair shop and employing certified service technicians.

Being an RV Care member, Caravane de la Petite Nation commits to deliver the best products and the best service in the Ottawa region.