Winterizing your RV

Winterizing your RV


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YOU NEED :                         2 ANTIFREEZE GALLONS (25891)

                                               PUMP SIPHON KIT (27910)

                                               BLOW OUT VALV (21363)

                                               WATER HEATER BY-PASS KIT (27909)

                                               TANK WAND CLEANER (CHOICE)                                                                                  HYDROFLUSH SYSTEM (25952)

                                               VENTED WASTE VALVE CAP (27920)

                                               WATER HEATER RINSER TUBE (05-2205)

                                               TOILET SEAL LUBRICANT/COND (28382)

                                               SLIDEOUT DRY LUBE(40003-1)

                                               SLIDEOUT SEAL TREATMENT (40015)

                                               DEHUMIDIFIER JAR

                                               APPLIANCES SCREEN FOR CAMCO

CAUTION :    If you have washer or dishwasher OR park model : 1 extra antifreeze gallon                     




  1. Empty  water heater @ outside panel
  2. Turn water heater by-pass  valves
  3. Empty fresh water tank using valve under unit      then close it
  4. Empty and clean black and grey water tanks      (using tissue digester and tank wand or hydroflush system)
  5. Unplug the fresh water hose from water entry      on RV, put the blow plug in place, open all the faucets (hot and cold)      then put 40 to 60 psi of pressure with an air compressor.  Then close back faucets.
  6. Install if not already installed water pump      siphon kit then put the hose in the antifreeze gallon.  Put the pump on.
  7. One after the other, open one at the time all      faucets (hot then cold) till antifreeze comes out then close tap right      away.
  8. Flush toilet till antifreeze comes out then      stop.  Get antifreeze to comes out      from shower head then unscrew hose from faucet and put it in bath.  Don’t forget to winterized exterior      shower, washer or dishwasher and automatic ice cube maker in refer (see      refer manual guide)
  9. Get pump off (1 ½ antifreeze gallon as been      used at this time)
  10. Put left over antifreeze in trap (kitchen and      bathroom sink, bathtub shower)
  11. Put ½ bottle of toilet seal      lubricant/conditioner with left over antifreeze in toilet
  12. Wipe off antifreeze left in sinks, toilets      (around)  and bathtub to avoid      stains
  13. Open black and grey water gate valves and put      vented waste valve cap in place (if little water and antifreeze drip,      that’s OK)
  14. Put AC cover and tires cover in place (OR full      cover TYVEK type)
  15. Put dehumidifier jars on floor (one by10 ftof coach) then      close all blinds and ceiling vents
  16. Put permanent screens for vents of all      appliances (Camco)


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