Cleaning and Waxing Your RV

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Cleaning and Waxing Your RV

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Cleaning and waxing your RV-Maintenance of the awning and roof.

With the return of warm weather, you have decided to clean your RV which after the winter has turned yellow or is simply stained by insects.

The parts team’s experts at Caravanes de la Petite Nation recommend specialty cleaner for your RV.

The first step is to cover the Supercoat on the external surfaces. This is a polymer layer that protects your RV better than a wax. Easy to use, the Supercoat is a good UV protector and prevents yellowing of your RV. Apply it once a year just to shine the caravan’s walls.

The second step is maintenance of the roof. Made up of a rubber membrane it requires cleaning twice a year combined with UV treatment. Maintenance will help keep your RV comfortable and dry. It is important that the cleaning products used for your rubber roof are appropriate and that they do not contain materials which may cause irreparable damage.

The parts team’s experts at Caravanes dela PetiteNationrecommend the cleaner Rubber Roof PROTECT ALL. Especially formulated for RV rubber roofing, the cleaner PROTECT ALL removes dirt and fights against limescale. Just spray it on the membrane, brush with a soft bristle brush and rinse. This professional grade cleaner is made for maximum UV protection.

The third step will be cleaning your RV’s awning. Our team recommends the awning cleaner THEFORD. Easy to use, the cleaner quickly removes tough stains, bird droppings, insects and fights against yellowing of tissues and surfaces. It also made for maximum UV protection.

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