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People of the financial team within the Caravanes de la Petite Nation are men and women devoted and designed to assist you in planning the purchase of a recreational vehicle. Whether you need financial advice or want to finance the purchase of a caravan, a member of our team will be pleased to answer all your needs.


Our employees are positive, honest, methodical and meticulous.

Meet our competent employees, eager to put their expertise at your service. Our technicians are trained and remain on the lookout for the latest innovations in the world of RVing.

Need advice? Some accessories or parts are hard to find? We have it all! Come in and make your dreams come true in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Our people will see to it that every need is satisfied.photo_financement.jpg

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Caravanes de la Petite Nation is an affiliated
dealer of the RV care program in Outaouais