Our warranties and protections for your RV

Our protection plans for your new or used trailer

Warranty for your RV

To help you make the most of your trip, and because your satisfaction is our priority, we offer guarantees to suit your needs.

We work closely with warranty companies to present you plans guarantees reliable and convenient. Whether for future repairs or the protection of your RV, it can be covered.

Whatever your caravan, new or used, whatever the duration of coverage you want, and if it satisfies all conditions, we can protect your recreational vehicle.

Feel free to ask our employees more information about services, options and benefits available. People at Caravanes de la Petite-Nation will be pleased to answer all your questions for the guarantee of your recreational vehicle

Tips of Caravanes de la Petite-Nation

Regular maintenance of your caravan, as recommended by the manufacturer, and keeping copies of service, can facilitate the process for claims. Feel free to visit our section "Tips and tricks" for the maintenance of your RV!

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Caravanes de la Petite Nation is an affiliated
dealer of the RV care program in Outaouais