Opening your RV in the spring


4 & 5 MARCH

Antifreeze draining

  • Put clean water in the tank
  • Change siphon’s valve position
  • Turn water pump on
  • Open the faucet (hot and cold water) until water comes out clean
  • Verify that the hot water heater’s drain plug is replaced
  • Put the water heater distortion valves back to summer position
  • Change the water filter (inside)
  • Start the water system with city water or tank water

Waste water tank preparation

  • Replace the waste outlet’s vented cap
  • Check that the waste valves are working properly
  • Clean the black water tank if it wasn’t done at the end of the season

RV preparation

  • Remove the air conditioner’s protection cover
  • Remove the tire’s protection cover
  • Remove the steel wool from the heat exhaust pipe
  • Remove the hot water tank’s plastic bag
  • Open the propane tank(s) and in the following order: the heater, the furnace, the oven and hot water tank
  • Check for any propane leaks
  • Verify smoke, carbon monoxide and propane gas detectors

RV battery reinstallation

  • Clean battery cables and terminal cablings
  • Verify the level of electrolyte (liquid) and add distilled water if needed
  • Charge the deep cycle battery (with charger 20mp/hr)
  • Install battery in the RV, secure the connections of the positive and negative threads

Slide out and stabilizers maintenance

  • Open the extension
  • Spray a fine layer of treatment on seals and let penetrate
  • Spray lubricant on opening gears, hinges, locks, ties, stabilizers (located under the extension) close and reopen the extension to allow grease to penetrate
  • Grease the interior screw’s stabilizers

Roof maintenance

  • Visually and manually check roof joints and membrane (if a joint has come loose, re adhere with Dicor sealing)
  • Remove dust from the roof
  • Clean with a non abrasive rubber roof cleaner
  • Let completely dry and apply a rubber roof treatment
  • Do not return on the roof for 48 hours

Outside check-up

  • Verify doors, window seals and exterior wall access seals. Reapply Chemtron seal as needed
  • If you change an access such as water entry, electric cable door etc…Remember to use       soft butyl tape and caulking when reinstalling
  • Replace outdoor water filter
  • Repaint chassis as needed

RV exterior cleaning

  • Use black marks product cleaner to remove all black marks
  • Use a telescopic brush and a specially formulated soap to wash the outside of the vehicle
  • We strongly recommend using Thetford wax to facilitate the cleaning of the black marks during the summer season
  • Adding gutters (several types) may help diminish black marks along the RV. These marks are mainly caused by dirty water from the roof running down the walls

Caravan canvas maintenance

  • Clean canvas with canopy and fabrics cleaners
  • Moulds traces are cleaned using a waterproof agent treatment
  • Only use bleach free products such as Ctain Phab or Magic Boss
  • Place 2 DampRid containers in the caravan for the season

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