Camper tips and tricks

To attenuate the smell of skunk on an animal, it must first be washed with water and vinegar. Then, just wash it again with lots of vanilla.

To wash a dog sprayed by a skunk, wash as usual but using toothpaste instead of soap. A single wash is sufficient. Rinse thoroughly.

To eliminate the smell of skunk on an animal, just mix 1 liter of peroxide, ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 tsp. teaspoon of dish soap. Then wash the animal with this liquid.

Giant match
If you need a long match for a BBQ or a fireplace, use a spaghetti. Inflame one end.

Remove rust from your barbecue grills
Something effective to remove rust from your barbecue grills: black soap. With 100% natural linseed oil, it's even better!

Refurbished BBQ grills
Place the rack in the lawn for the night. The enzymes of grass will make some of the work. The next day, wash them in the dish water.
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