Essential maintenance recommended by the manufacturer

Your RV requires maintenance in accordance with owner's manual. Minor adjustments and settings (eg adjusting gates, cabinet latches, etc..) will be done by the dealer if they are mentioned in the 30 days following the date of delivery of the unit to the customer. After this period, they are part of normal maintenance and preventative andare the responsibility of the owner.

Here is a monthly checklist of preventive maintenance required for your RV: 

The sealant (to add or change as needed)

  • The trim corners
  • Doors front and rear beds (Hybrid only)
  • Doors luggage compartment
  • Front door
  • The windows
  • The door latches and baggage doors
  • Traffic lights and clearance lights
  • The input power cable, city water and water tank
  • Furnace vent and range hood
  • The hot water tank
  • The outdoor shower
  • The wheel skirts
  • All other openings or attachments to the walls

The roof (to add or change as needed)

  • The side molding all around the roof (jointing molding roof wall)
  • Moldings attached with front and rear walls
  • Vents vent (roof wind)
  • Vent (plumbing)
  • Vent (refrigerator)
  • Skylights Antenna radio and television
  • Roof extensions
  • Verification of the membrane itself for damage

General Lubrication

  • Stabilizing jacks
  • Lock the front door and baggage lockers
  • Rubber extension (slide out)
  • The extension mechanism (slide out)
  • Footrest
  • Outlet valve of black and gray water

 It should be understood that the moisture in the air and condensation are NOT caused by materials or construction methods of your RV. Good ventilation during use (stove hoodfan, bathroom, etc..)of your RV is crucial since an RV represents a small space. Usage in cold weather increases the phenomenon. A poor or nonexistent maintenance of exterior sealant also causes problems, among others, water infiltration. That's why all these conditions are not applicable on your warranty is not due to a manufacturing problem or materials.


  • Close the canvas parts of a tent trailer or hybrid only if they are dry. A wet or humid cloth will cause major damage to the fabric and as much to the RV itself.
  • The awnings will have the same problem. Always close the awning when it's completely dry.

The parts team of Transit Caravane will give you advices and tips on the products needed for maintenance.

Some maintenance require specific products and our specialists will recommend the product to fit your needs perfectly.

By maintaining your RV regularly, you can enjoy your camping season the maximum and for many years.

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