Instructions for maintenance

1) Keep the air around your appliance clean. Do not collect objects around your furnace, this could prevent the air outlet of the furnace.

2) Do not block registers floor inside your RV.

3) Verify the presence of soot on the air outlet. If soot is present, discontinue use of your furnace and have the device checked by a qualified technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There seems to be a lot of waste heat out of the air outlet of the furnace. Is this normal?
A: Suburban furnaces are designed to be from 75 to 80% effective. This means that 75-80% of the heat goes into the RV and from 20 to 25% comes through the chimney.

Q: Can I use the furnace when I drive the vehicle?
A: We do not find that this approach is safe. Some states prohibit the use of propane while driving.

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