• Tuck in step
  • Disconnect water hose
  • Disconnect electric wire
  • Disconnect sanitation pipe
  • Remove blocks under wheels
  • Remove jack
  • Close trunk
  • Verify wheel nuts


  • Lock doors
  • Lower TV antenna
  • Close cupboard doors
  • Close roof domes
  • Shut window tightly
  • Clean counter tops
  • Check that the refrigerator door is close and locked
  • Check that the shower door is closed and locked
  • Check that the bedroom doors are secured.


This is how to empty the used water tank.

  • Plug the flexible hose
  • Open the large trap, when the first tank is empty, close the large trap
  • Open the small trap, when the tank is empty, close the small trap
  • Remove the hose and close the lid
  • Add liquid in the toilet as well as a gallon of water

Fill up drinking water tank if needed
Fill up propane tank if needed



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