Monthly maintenance - RV maintenance

Monthly maintenance

  • Check seals on the roof
  • Check seals of all 4 corners of the RV
  • Check seals of doors and windows
  • Check seals of the exterior wall attachments
  • Check condition of extension gaskets
  • Check condition of door and window gaskets
  • Test the smoke and propane detector
  • Check clean water pipes for leaks
  • Check overall condition of extension
  • Lubricate extension’s seals
  • Lubricate extension’s mechanisms
  • Check the battery electrolyte level (add as needed)
  • Check the condition of smoke, propane and CO2 detectors
  • Clean the fan and the stove’s fan filter
  • Remove and clean the air conditioner’s foam filter
  • Clean the air conditioning vents
  • Check and clean, when needed, the furnace’s exterior chimney
  • Check and clean, when needed, the stove’s fan exhaust
  • Check and clean, when needed, the refrigerator access and ventilation (grill/top)
  • Lubricate the torsion bar’s friction points 

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Caravanes de la Petite Nation is an affiliated
dealer of the RV care program in Outaouais