Respect the law and be safe : RV

Before taking the road with your cargo verify that:

  • You have each of the vehicle’s registration (proof of insurance and lease agreement if needed);
  • That all tires are in good shape and are properly inflated;
  • That the rear view mirrors are solidly anchored and allow the driver to see the rear of his caravan;
  • All reflective lights are in good condition and work properly;
  • That the trailer towing device is adequate, in good working condition, installed and used in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • That all trailers and semi-trailers have chains, cables or other safety devises secured and linked to ensure that the cargo remains connected in the event of a break in the trailer towing device. (Note: trailers and semi-trailers equipped with independent brakes which allow them to come to a stop in the eventuality of a separation with the towing device, are not required to use safety cables or chains. Safety cables or chains must not rub the road since the friction could quickly render the device non-operational).
  • That the license plate if fixed and visible at the back of the vehicle.
  • When a vehicle exceeds2 metersin width, it must have 3 reflecting triangles (J774SAE), or 3 lamps or 3 emergency highway safety flare.

Frequently asked questions:

1-What is the maximum length of a cluster of vehicles composed of a towing vehicle pulling a semi-trailer and a trailer or two trailers?

The maximum length for a cluster of vehicles consisting of a towing vehicle, a semi-trailer and a trailer or 2 trailers (load included) is equal to19 meters.

2- Must the trailer or the semi-trailer which forms the cluster of vehicle have brakes?

A trailer or semi-trailer needs brakes if:

  • If the mass of the trailer, semi-trailer or the combined mass of the trailers, including their load, reaches1300 kgand up;
  • If the mass of the trailer, semi-trailer or the combined mass of trailers, including their load exceeds half of the net weight of the towing vehicle.

When brakes are required, each weight bearing wheel must be equipped with independent brakes.

For more information:
Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec :
Quebec : (418)-643-7620      
Montreal : (514)-873-7620
Anywhere else : 1-800-361-7620


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